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The mission of Bluewater Cruising Association is to foster seamanship and friendship for people with an active interest in offshore cruising.  BCA’s membership is diverse and includes a wide range of experience: “Doners”, who have returned home after completing an offshore passage; “Doers”, who are still out there cruising; and “Dreamers”, who are considering or actively planning an offshore adventure.

Tony and Karin say:  We are members and are part of the Victoria chapter.  What a great organization!  We have been challenged and educated to be more competent sailors.  

Michael Boyte and Melissa White – a great story:

“We’re classic. Really, we are. Both in our mid ‘50s, after 31 years of marriage, child rearing, home ownership, and careers, the wick of the proverbial ‘candle of time’ is getting short. Also, we’re sick and tired of working. And I mean that to be inclusive of all kinds of working, including keeping up with all the stuff that owns us like the house and gardens and all the detritus of an American life lurking in the garage, attic, and various other areas with closed doors.”
Cataloging years of world travel by Pat and Ali using a sailboat, vintage VW, and other modes of transport. Includes profile, pictures and costs.

This site is being produced for the love of the game, not as part of some ridiculous dot com strategy, or a “gee isn’t our sport of yachting so wonderful” philosophy. It is a forum for industry insiders and racing sailors to exchange ideas. We will be continually exploring topics that interest us, and we’ll be looking to the Message Board for the topics that interest you. We encourage your participation here at Sailing Anarchy. Where the hell else are you going to have this much freedom to say what you want? After all, that is ultimately what Anarchy is all about.