Bye USA, Victoria here we come!

It would be untrue to say we are up both bright and early.   The early part is true, but bright it is not.  The fog is so thick that we can’t even see 5 boat lengths.  We have to get back to work tomorrow, so there can be no dilly-dallying for us.  A couple of cups of coffee put everything into proper perspective, we cast off and motored out into the fog hoping it will burn off.

No such luck, and the tide was full-force against us.   We realise we have a “challenge” as we are going backwards at about 2 knots.  The reason?  We realize that we are probably getting less than 1,300RPM even when the throttle is gated all the way forward!  The rev-counter does not function, and its just a guess, but close enough.  After struggling for a couple of hours Tony “fixes” the engine with string by tying the throttle inside the engine room ….. and we get about 1,800RPM.

We make a turn to starboard and head off to Whidbey Island, and sure enough, far less current.  The sun comes through and the wind pipes up at 1500hrs, so we hastily hoist all sail, and we are off like a rocket!  Holy smokes!

Karin steering us home

Soon we have 30knts apparent and we are bowling along at well over 6 kts!  Yep, great practice, we managed to put two reefs in the main!   Soon Mount Doug is visible at just off the stbd bow.  What a hoot!

This old lady knows how to move her ass!

A “bone in her teeth”

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