Arabella becomes ours!

Waiting for our cab

We left our car at Hidden Harbour Marina where we had bought a slip.  What faith that the survey would be good eh!   Got a cab to the  Victoria Clipper and down to Seattle on July 19th to attend the out-of-water survey and do a sea-trial.



Well, a sort of sea-trial as there was no wind.  We motored up to Shilshole Marina from Elliot Bay which had been her home, and she was lifted to hang in slings for the inspection.

Being lifted out on slings. Adrenalin running high!




It was with bated breath that we waited for the bottom to be powerwashed. Blisters would have been a deal killer.









Absolutely HUGE out of the water!!  Very impressive because there is more below the water-line than above the water-line!.



Not one blister to be seen!!  (Well … one tiny one about 1/4″ just below the waterline on the port side)  Cosmetic only … wow!










A rudder the size of a bloomin’ barn door!








At this time we met the previous owner, Benjamin Dittbrenner, who proved to be a delightful man and who was extremely helpful and informative in every way.  He replaced a faulty through hull fitting for us and we  accepted ownership.

A good handshake and papers signed shortly afterwards.



Soon Arabella was lowered back into the water.


Now came my first surprise and even more adrenalin!

We were ON OUR OWN!

We started the engine on this vessel about which we knew absolutely nothing and powered out of the marina headed for Edmonds about 9 miles north.  About 1/2 mile out a breeze kissed us, so we hoisted ALL sails: main, staysail, and genoa.  What a sweet sail!  We had about 10 – 12kts fron the north so we tacked upwind.



What a surprise to discover that it was possible to sail 40 degrees into the apparent wind!  I was resigned to a much more sluggardy performance …..     Hmmmm …. almost 5 kts when there was apuff!  YES YES YES!!


To celebrate we walk up the hill into Edmonds “town” and find a delightful bistro called Chantrell’s where we dined on amazing food!  Well, maybe we were just a bit hungry methinks?  Walked back to the marina and called in at an IGA for basic supplies, had showers and turned in at 11:30.   What an exciting and full day!

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  1. I’ve been meaning to take a look at your blog for some time so this is a good opportunity. I’m so glad this beautiful boat found the right owners. We thought she was such a lovely vessel in so many ways. I look forward to reading about what you are doing with her and hope to meet up in a beautiful anchorage some day!

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