Our NEXT sailing adventure!

In early September 2019 we were boat-less, once again, land dwellers, gainfully employed like all respectful souls ought to be. Life is good! BUT, Karin and I started talking about the “next” boat.

This is very dangerous and precarious downhill slippery slope.

It wasn’t too long before we identified what we wanted:
             – Weekender sailboat for the gulf islands and beyond
             – Must be a capable upwind and light-wind boat
             – Standing headroom below
             – Shower, cooking facilities, heater, fridge and holding tank
             – Once refurbished, budget under $20k
             – About 30′ and a respected brand

Ericson 30-2

The search began in earnest. Its amazing what one finds on Yachtworld! Almost immediately we saw just what might be suitable – in North Vancouver. After discussion with the broker we were far less enthusiastic. He admitted that this was a PROJECT BOAT. That quickly dampened our initial enthusiasm. Karin knows that I am somewhat OCD, and we wanted to sail THIS coming summer of 2020, not the following year!  We continued the search.

We did the unthinkable, yes, we made an offer on the “project”!

It was accepted.  With what was almost “buyer’s remorse” we went over to North Vancouver, closed the deal and hopped on-board for the two-day delivery back to Victoria. What a great sail!  We ploughed across the Strait of Georgia doing 8 knots with all white sails up.  This baby moves!  


Our first peek
Interior – wet and soggy
Head – needs new plumbing
Galley, small but usable – great Wallis cook-top diesel heater
Cockpit set up for comfortable single-handing – self tailers and bridge-deck main

3 comments on Our NEXT sailing adventure!

  1. This is Michael of sv Galapagos. I was looking through some old blog posts and found your comments. We are preparing to depart Bandera Bay for Hawaii and then on to the Pacific Northwest. I can’t say you really sold me on the weather we have to look forward to. But like you, that is where the family is.

    Congratulations on the Erikson. They are fast, fun boats and perfect for the Gulf Islands. I bet you needed a project anyway.

    1. Hi Michael:

      I don’t remember the weather being all that bad. It was just the ITCZ that was a bit cranky at times. We eventually learned not to fight the squalls. We simply ran downwind with them and figured, so lets just lose a few miles and be comfortable. We stuck with that coming north again. We are fair-weather sailors, so adding a day to a 25 day passage is no big deal to gain safety and comfort.

      We love the little Ericson which is almost ready to go! We encourage you in your endeavors, be safe and live in the moment. Enjoy GFrench Polynesia! If we were to do it again we would spend more time (two seasons) and concentrate on the Tuomotos and Leeward islands. Tahiti is just another dirty city. Tuomotos are picture post-card perfect. Visit “Liza” and enjoy her hospitality at the SE corner of Fakarava. We love that atoll and could spend months there!

      Bon voyage!
      Tony and Karin (Mayaluga)

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