Equator crossed heading North

The equatorial crossing was an uneventful milestone. I was so tired that when we crossed at about 5:00am local, I slept right through it, having asked Karin NOT to wake me! We are both pretty exhausted. Seas are still rough and bumpy and everything is wet and salty. The cabin sole stays damp and slippery. Cabinets and furniture are dripping salt water. We mostly sit in the cockpit if we are not sleeping because its so hot and humid below. We are continually drenched with spray, sometimes green water in deluges slopping over the combing. But, we are living the dream! Living the dream!
There is an old sailor´s song from WWII that goes: “I joined the Navy to see the world, and what did I see? I saw the sea!”
So for those of you that faithfully read this blog, I won´t bore you with drivel. Today we just saw more sea, same old, same old! We are now almost half way to Hawaii, and believe me …. its a long road. Day 10 today and the passage is likely to be about 23 days.
I take my hat off to Karin. This is not her dream, but she is coping extremely well and still smiles at me. She handles so much of the routine on board with great efficiency, changes sail plan while I am sleeping, knows how to interpret and plot squall directions on the radar etc etc. What an amazing first (best) mate!
The only unusual thing to report the last couple of days is a strange noise we heard in the salon. Investigating we found a large flying fish wriggling and slapping on the port settee. He must have flown right through the open butterfly hatch. He/she survived to fly another day … we turfed him/her overboard, after briefly contemplating disecting to see what he/she has been feeding on.
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