Cheese and Wine

Tonight we departed from the “norm” and dined on cheese and wine. A good portion of the day was spent cleaning and disinfecting the fridge and freezer after throwing away soooo much good food yesterday. We are not sure how long our cheese will last …. so we decided to quaff as much of it as we can over the next few days. A half block of mild blue, a HUGE slab of marvelous brie, and two blocks of psuedo-swiss. It went down very well with melba toast. We hardly dented the quantity of cheese we have however, so for breakfast tomorrow we will have western ommelet loaded with cheese.
We will be having another appointment with King Neptune in 159 miles when we cross the equator south to north in the very early hours of Friday morning. Maybe we will have more cheese and wine!
We have been making remarkable progress towards Hawaii. Most sailboats of our size very rarely manage 150 NM in 24 hours. Even BIG BEN during the Vic Maui race never once completed 150 miles in 24 hours. Our little ship is starting to push the boundaries. We really have Mayaluga “dialed-in” for performance lately as we become more comfortable with what she likes. We have had several days with better than than 140 miles; yesterday 144. I believe if the wind holds up above 20 knots we may break that elusive 150 mile barrier tomorrow.
For those of you reading this ramble, I have a Google project for you. Please email ASAP with your discovery. When we crossed the equator coming south, we shed or status as “Pollywogs” and gained the status of “Shellbacks”. The questions is whether our status changes again when we cross yet again, and what will we be known as??? ————————————————- Do not push the “reply” button to respond to this message if that includes the text of this original message in your response. Messages are sent over a very low-speed radio link.
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