Day 2 at sea bound for Hawaii

The few hectic days preparing to leave Papeete are now behind us. We interviewed 2 potential crew, but felt that neither was really what we were looking for, so we decided that as tiring as it may be, we would rather sail this leg alone. Karin did an amazing job as usual stocking every crook and nanny with foodstuffs for a whole month at sea; 200 meals. With canned goods we have enough for 3 months! We also installed a new engine mounting system because the original was not engineered properly. Another major improvement to Mayaluga!
We left our slip shortly after midday on Tuesday 11th and motored the 6 miles down to the fuel dock where we brimmed both diesel tanks as well as jerry cans on the deck with another 15 gallons. By the time we got back to the exit pass, “Blessing” our buddy boat, with Caroline and Jim on board were waiting. We had both cleared out of customs and port authority through an agent. Initially we enjoyed brilliant beat into the 15 knot winds from the east in relatively calm seas for the next 24 hours. It was our intention to anchor in one of the Tuomotos for a couple of days to decompress and unwind before the long windward slog of 20 plus days (2,400 miles) to Hawaii.
The wheels fell off that plan pretty quickly as the weather deteriorated such that pass transits were too risky with standing waves. We considered Tikehau, Rangiroa and Ahe, but all had their challenges. Without a guarantee of improving conditions it is possible to be trapped in an atoll for days. We conferred over the SSB radio and decided to carry onwards to Hawaii. Blessing is a 44 foot modern sloop with a much longer waterline than ours giving them a speed advantage of well over a knot. I think they will pull steadily ahead and we will lose our buddy boat within a day or two. As day 2 is now complete we are enduring very snotty weather. The seas are uncomfortable and we are beating into 20 plus knots sometimes well over 30 knots. We have 3 reefs in the main and are flying our trusty staysail, nevertheless still making 5 knots to windward.
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