Ready, willing and able!

My owners renamed me Mayaluga in 2016 (yet another interesting story!) when they committed to sail me to the South Pacific.  I was a lowly liveaboard for more years than I care to tell you.  In 2013 everything changed when Tony and Karin brought me to Victoria, BC and started outfitting me for their big sabbatical adventure.  Initially I was a little apprehensive because so much of what had become “me” was unbolted, removed and scrapped.  Sometimes I felt quite naked.  We are not talking cosmetics here, we are talking serious infrastructural stuff.  Not just like having your appendix out dude!  This is liver, kidneys and a heart transplant, the whole enchilada!

Eventually I became ready to be adorned with all sorts of new parts.  But first, power-washing and sanding, and bleaching and varnishing and painting!  Oh, and lest I forget, decks just ripped off and coring removed!  Do you have any idea how much that hurt?  The healing began when the new coring and non-slip went on.  How much of a makeover can an old gal enjoy?  Then new wiring, new plumbing, some new tanks, all new rigging, stainless rails all around …. wow, be still, my beating heart!  Then my beloved old heart was put back in my chest.  Total engine overhaul, I heard them comment.  Ha!  I was conscious, and I did hear!  Shiny and reconditioned it was, new starter, pumps, and boxes and boxes of spare parts.  It felt like Christmas had arrived!

Just when I thought that things were as about as good as it could get, more stuff kept arriving.  RayMarine, this, RayMarine that, Icom 802 SSB and all sorts of gauges to measure how much was in my tanks and how much poop was in my 7 new AGM batteries.  It was almost too much to comprehend.  And oh, did I mention, all new LED lighting everywhere!

I almost felt it getting as good as it can get, adorned like a bride for her wedding.  New mattress cushions, new upholstery, spit and polish and all!  But wait, there is more!  They started building a hard dodger after weeks of design work to make sure that my new image was going to suit my new head-dress.   All this attention!  Workmen swarming!   It was really quite scary at times for a home-body like me.  I heard words like total makeover, rebuilt from the ground up, refit, offshore ready.  Offshore ready!   Yikes!  The furthest I had been in 35 years was Desolation Sound.  Everybody started oooing and ahhhing, especially after they faired my bottom and applied several coats of epoxy.  I overhead them say “we found no blisters”.  Of course, no self respecting lady would ever admit to having blisters on her bottom!  But it was nice hearing this from an outside source.  Then new topside paint, and a facelift a.k.a. coach-roof refit and painting.  How much prettier can an old girl get?   New stays usually means “new corset and bra”, but in this case it was a rebuilt mast and all new standing and running rigging.

Then the gym sessions started.  Shakedown this, shakedown that, lets go here, lets go there.  I was starting to actually enjoy myself!  One day I got shaken down in a 60 knot storm in Juan de Fuca.  I never knew before what it felt like to actually fly!  How liberating!  Three reefs in the main and staysail, 9 knots on the dial, dude!  Too cool!  I was pronounced offshore ready at last.

Eventually I proudly carried my new owners as we made the big left-turn at Cape Flattery and headed south.  I never knew the world was so big!  First stop San Francisco, then down the coast to San Diego to join the Baja Ha Ha and onwards to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  OMG, warm breezes, a totally new experience!  I was just starting to feel comfortable after exploring the Sea of Cortez, when Karin and Tony turned my wheel yet again and we headed south west for French Polynesia.  Steady trade winds, and I strutted my stuff!  And then on to the destinations.  Oh, so pretty, so pretty and …… warm!   I admired the profile of my blister free bottom outlined in shadow on the white sand 40 feet down below in crystal clear water.   What bliss!  People from other boats coming over regularly  for sun-downers, sometimes 10 on board!  And they all thought I was so beautiful.  It is too cool to be the center of attention and be admired by all … especially the men!

We will be heading back home to Victoria in July 2017 via Hawaii.  I am going to be sad to see Karin and Tony disembark for the last time.  This last couple of years we have enjoyed so many amazing experiences together.  Tony says now that he is in his 70’s and has been sailing for 55 years, and the big south Pacific adventure is over, it’s time to swallow the anchor.  Hmmmmmmm, maybe, but what about ME?   I am just warming up to this lifestyle.  I so enjoy all the upgrades I get at almost every stop.  I am now so ready that’s its almost ridiculous!

I am now desperately seeking new adventurers to allow me to continue to spread my wings and explore the globe.  Please just DO IT!   I am waiting for you!!  Join us from Hawaii to Victoria, departing Hawaii in early August 2017.  Let me strut my stuff!  You will be impressed,

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