Tahiti onward

we are enjoying the most incredible experiences in Tahiti and the Society Islands!

Our friend Cliff from Ontario, and Richard from Victoria flew in to join us for two weeks in the islands.  We enjoyed spending a few days in Papeete, Tahiti, and then sailed the couple of hundred miles downwind to Huahine. Another amazing destination, followed by an all-day sail to Tahaa which was another beautiful sensation overload.  Picture postcard perfect in every way.  Miles of white uninhabited beaches and friendly locals in the villages.  Unfortunately everything in French Polynesia is so very expensive.

Yesterday we left Tahaa by way of Rariatea and had a miserable upwind beat into 30 knots on the nose in 20 foot seas.  We took shelter in Huahine 25 miles away where although the wind is still howling, we are behind the reef in calm protected water.  It looks as if the wind is not going away for a few days, so the beat back to Moorea will be a miserable 130 miles.  With that in mind Cliff and Richard may fly out of here tomorrow to get their flights on Monday, and then we will wait it out here in Huahine until the weather improves. About  20 knots will be good, 30 starts to get a bit “sporty”!

The destinations are so staggering!  It is no surprise that many cruisers leave their boats here and return for a second season in the Society Islands.  Three months here would hardly be enough!  We will post some of our amazing photos when we get back to Papeete and proper internet.  If we miss anything at all it is internet ….. and family of course!


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  1. Great to hear you are having some good experiences! Mother nature will always test our resolve with difficult stuff to make us earn the good bits!! 😀

  2. Hey you two. Sounds like you are getting some good sailing in😊. And seeing some beautiful spots. I’m off to New Zealand next week, via LA, and will wave as I go over. Love your blog posts.

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