Mazatlan Luxury!

For a migrant “yachtista”, Mazatlan, approached the right way, is absolute heaven! Mayaluga very rarely ever goes into a marina. Mazatlan is one of those exceptions brought about mostly because of horror stories we had heard about theft from sailboats at anchor. We bit the bullet and paid for 7 nights at the security-gated El Cid Marina, earning us an extra two nights free. The slip fees here are so ridiculously low for what we get! British Columbia has nothing to compare; no marina that I know of in BC is complete with all the resort facilities that are offered here …. and, as a comparison, the cost is less than half what we would pay at Fisherman’s Wharf.  Wow, here we have three swimming pools, each with a different water temperature ranging from tepid-warm to cool. In addition we have a humongous hot-tub, a swim-up bar and patio BBQ restaurants.

El Cid Marina and Resort, Mayaluga in background


Free towel service, hot unlimited showers, luxury washrooms, laundry service, and a public bus stop is right at the door. The air-conditioned bus to downtown Mazatlan is Cdn $0.625. It’s almost too good to be true!  This is really hard to take, but somebody has to do it!  We have justified our 9 days of luxury by reminding ourselves of the brutally spartan life we usually live on-board Mayaluga. (just kidding – we live VERY well on Mayaluga!)

Resort hotels line the north shore


Tricycle mo-ped which is a-shop-on-the-go!


Old-Town Mazatlan is picturesque, but some sections are dirty and poverty stricken, not unlike other Mexican cities and towns we have visited.


One cannot walk a block in any section of town without passing at least one or two restaurants.  In many places the sidewalks “are” the restaurant-patios, so one has to walk right “through” the restaurant to move down the street.

Sidewalk taken over by the cafe




Coconut cream pie! Oh YES!!


The Malecon













Old Town Square bordered by patio restaurants


Standard mode of taxi transport, the “Peumonia” which are available in their hundreds. They are converted beetle bugs.


This is a very quaint idea that has great business merit. How can one walk past such delicious smells without stopping and sampling their offerings?

Old-Town square

And inexpensive too!  Huge main courses are 100 to 190 pesos (16 pesos to the Cdn$) Last night we treated ourselves to all-you-can-eat food including camerones (prawns) and inclusive all-you-can-drink liquor. This could be interpreted as a very civilized society depending on how one assesses that.

Much of what we can purchase at Thrifty’s is available at “Mega” and of course there is Costco and Walmart , Sam’s Club, and Home Depot as well.  It can be frustrating however to match certain products, even with the assistance of our well thumbed Spanish translator-book.  We came back with whipping-cream in place of coffee-cream, and some products are apparently unobtainable, such as lemon-juice.  Fresh fruit is abundant across wide varieties, but decent salad ingredients are tough or impossible to find. Good lettuce? Think again!
We have spent a few wonderful days with good friends, Bob and Mayo, from Ladysmith, together with their good friend, Audrey who celebrated her birthday down here in Mazlatlan.

Karin, Mayo, Audrey and Bob










It’s a long time since I laughed so much and had so much simple fun.  Bob is seriously considering crewing for us from Mexico to French Polynesia in March.  Another friend from Victoria, Richard, may join us in French Polynesia and visit some outlying islands with us in April or June.

As we look back we realize that although we have covered over 3,100 nautical miles so far, the long legs are yet to come!  Our dining table in the salon has an inlaid world map and we mark our progress in red permanent marker.  It’s very humbling and yet very exciting to see how far we have come … and how far we have yet to go!

A section of our dining table on Mayaluga, next major stop at the pen-point, Bahia des Banderos

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  1. The picture of the coconut cream pie sent the juice buds into a frenzy. And the pool! Can’t wait to get there. Keep safe.

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