Up, up and away!

Our stay at Squirrel Cove was delightful and productive.  The weather was perfect – hot and sunny – which made for some great swimming.  Tony had on his to do list to assemble and install the SSB (Single Side Band) radio antenna.  We worked together to complete the assembly in the morning and waited Karin up the mast at Squirrel Cove 3Karin up the mast at Squirrel Cove 2until the cool of the evening to tackle the installation.  Tony doesn’t much like heights (that’s why I did the 10,000 ft skydive and not him!), so I offered to go up the mast to attach the one end of the antenna.  He was a bit surprised but I think also glad to pass over the job.  This would be my first time up a mast – the height of ours is about 60 ft from the water.  The mast steps that Tony installed made the job pretty straight forward.  Karin up the mast at Squirrel Cove

After getting all harnessed up, tools in hand, up I went.  What a view!  I wonder what it must feel like to do this underway in the ocean?  Maybe I’ll get the opportunity to try that too!

Squirrel Harbour taken from the top of the mast

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