Sustainable Sailor

Reducing my own personal negative impact on our world is not a new thought for me – its something that I have been thinking about and acting on for many years.  What can I do to have an overall net positive effect – give more than I take? What can I do in my own day to day life to reduce my footprint on our earth?  How can I influence others to consider their sustainability and act accordingly?

As Tony and I move closer to making our dream of sailing to the South Pacific a reality, we continue to discuss and research ways we can fit out Arabella in keeping with thinking and acting sustainably.  Lots to consider and do!!

Waste is the place where  we all connect with sustainability – or rather a lack of it.”

Paul Connett – The Zero Waste Solution, 2013

“Trashed”, a film by Candida Brady, is on my list to watch soon!  Here is the link to their website and a trailer.

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