Preparing for the great “shakedown” cruise

Having committed to leave on our shakedown cruise on Friday, September 5 right after Karin finished at the office meant that the final preparations had to get finished toot sweet!

Here are some of the accomplishments during these final weeks:


Improved head area Being quite small we felt that mirrors would help open things up a bit.  It did!  Acrylic mirrors on the whole bulkhead above the sink, and likewise in the cupboard sliders.  For these Tony had to laminate the mirrors onto 1/8″ plywood.

Soap and shampoo dispensers






Soap, shampoo and conditioner dispensers mean no messy bottles to rattle around.






A painting spree resulted in lockers and the new plywood locker tops looking very smart.

settees and lockers painted





clean and neat lockers












A new 12,000 BTU propane heater with a sealed combustion chamber was installed.  The double walled flue sucks cold air in through the mushroom vent on the coachroof, and expels hot burned gasses up the outside wall.  No oxygen from inside the cabin is burned and propane cannot vent into the accommodation area.  I like safe!

heater instalation

A 12 volt fan blows through the system and diffuses the lovely warm air.










The forward cabin is the first area to be totally finished!  To lighten up the area, some of the dark teak paneling has been painted in a warm off-white.

New foam and cushions top off this luxurious and comfortable area.

fwd cabin complete fwd cabin new bunk cushions








In the galley, the new sink and marmoleum counter-top makes a huge difference.  The final touch was a stainless steel drop-in utensil holder on the aft galley counter.

utensil pot


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