Renovating spars

Justin Lamarche, my 21 year old grandson has been invaluable in helping us throughout this refit. Justin, an enthusiastic sailor since his early years earned a Silver Medal in the Canadian Nationals on 420’s during his teens.
So, “lets paint the mast” I said a while back.  “Sure, no problem Papa, just hoist me up in the bosun’s chair and I will take care of it.”
It was a  much bigger job than anticipated!  He spent many hours high up on the thin thing that points up high (55′) toward the sky. First, lots of sanding, down to aluminum in many places.  Then cleaning the surface, then priming  Finally a top-coat of Interlux BrightSide white.  Mmmmmm … starting to look very very cool!
At the same time Tony decided to cut 20″ off the boom.  Why?   Twofold reasoning:
  • firstly, that last 20″ was downright dangerous.  Hans Christians by their very design encourage standing on the cockpit seats.  Unsuspecting noggins will receive serious damage!
  • secondly, Hans Christians are notorious for developing weather helm. A reef or two in the mainsail has traditionally been the solution.





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