New countertops made from linseeds!

Tony and I installed our first new countertop today – in the galley.  We hashed about a number of ideas on what material we should use and ultimately decided on Marmoleum.

One of the considerations Tony and I have in making decisions about products we use on Arabella is their impact on the environment and on our health.  I can’t say we have been perfect in our decision making so far but we are trying to make better choices than worse.  Marmoleum is one of those really great finds!

Marmoleum isn’t a new product – actually it was first developed in the 1800s and at that time was called linoleum.  Its advantages include:

  • Its green, actually totally biodegradable.  Its made of linseed oil, pine resins, wood flour, chalk and clay all mixed together and pressed onto a jute backing
  • It doesn’t give off and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or other harmful chemicals
  • Its easy to clean
  • Its more flexible than vinyl counter tops so it won’t crack, particularly at the corners.  This is of particular importance on a boat because the boat and its components move alot
Cracks due to product selection and movement of boat
Cracks due to product selection and movement of boat
  • The colour of the product isn’t just on the surface – it goes right through
  • The continual oxidation of the linseed oil acts as a natural bactericide and actually prevents microorganisms from growing on the surface – particularly beneficial on a boat where things can get damp fairly easily
  • Marmoleum is hard wearing and long lasting. Over time the linseed oil hardens making it more durable


The first piece was pretty easy to install and it looks great.  We’ll leave it to dry overnight and then add the brown caulking we found and install the new galley sink.  So far, we believe this is a winning solution to our need for new counter tops and highly recommend you consider it for your boat upgrade projects!


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