Chart Table remodeled

so …….. this is what the “full sized” chart table looked like before we started.

Original layout
Original layout

The problem was two-fold:  Firstly, the radar arm was bolted through the surface of the chart table.   Secondly, the VHF radio mounting bracket was screwed down onto the rear section of the chart table.  The net result was that the brilliant “full-sized” chart table was no longer such.  A chart could not be laid out unless folded.  Secondly, the inner section was a rats nest of wiring, including a whole lot of apparently redundant wiring.

Solution:  Pull the whole lot out and start again from scratch.


Chart Table 2
Stripped Chart Table


It was decided to build a new hinging faceplate to mount the following items, some existing, some new:     Radar, VHF radio, SSB radio, Pactor Modem, Chartplotter, Stereo, and basic engine monitoring stuff.   The challenge was to find some matching teak.  Well, we did find some teak at a reasonable price (Windsor Plywood on Keating Cross-Road) and stocked up on some 1″ x 2″ for framing.

Chart Table 4
Framing in the faceplate panel
Chart Table 3
Glued and screwed in place and holes plugged with matching teak



























The problem  remained:  Where to match 3/16″ x 2″ the some colour as 35 year old Burmese teak?

Solution:  Remove the big mirror in the head (has to be replaced anyway) and rob the teak behind it.  Yep, perfect!!

Nice panel matching the rest of the interior trim, and VHF mounted.
Nice panel matching the rest of the interior trim, and VHF mounted.  Full chart table is now useable!



And, with a brass piano hinge, what a pleasure to complete the wiring behind the panel!

Chart Table 6














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