Interior Refurbishing Started!

Now that the plumbing is behind us, and the head compartment has been redone, we have finally started on fixing the non-structural stuff on the inside.

The ceiling is 2″ x 1″ wood strips painted white.  Brushmarks were clearly visible where it had been recoated over the years.  Most of it has now been sanded smooth in preparation for a good undercoat.  Once we have a sound base applied, we will put on a couple of coats of light mocha-coloured urethane to tone down the starkness of the absolute white.  The same goes for the vertical sides of the coachroof into which those magnificant heavy bronze opening ports are set.  Today I also cut, trimmed, and set in place a nice coverplate around the charley-noble.

chimney cover plate
Ceiling sanded, chimney cover plate installed














inside cosmetics 2
Sanding coachroof sides, kness and trim


















Today the scraper was scraping, the sander was sanding, and old dark teak surfaces slowly started to emerge in all its former glory with shavings inches high  on the floor!  We can’t wait to see how it will all come together.  I estimate it will take about at least 80 hours to restore the visual beauty of the salon.  Hmmmm  …….  at regular shop rates of about $100 per hour, thats about $8,000.   I am glad my rates are not that high!!   🙂

inside cosmetics 1
Forward bulkhead teak will be bleached blonde to lighten up the cabin.


3 comments on Interior Refurbishing Started!

  1. Hi
    Love reading your blog. I’m doong a refit on our HC 33 Gitana.

    I had a question, how do you bleach blonde the teak?

    1. Glad somebody is reading it!
      Sand off all old finishes and sand down to 150 grit. Paint on pure bleach and let thoroughly dry. It will look white. Sand very lightly with 220. Seal with Varathane clear water based varnish and let thoroughly dry. Last step is important because if first coat is oil based it will darken the teak. After sealer coat then apply any oil based outdoor varnish of your choice. I use Minwax Helmsman.
      Good luck.

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