Waste plumbing finished!!

Plumbing is NOT my favourite thing in life.  Waste plumbing falls way below that and is a loathsome thing at the best of times!  This job of replacing the holding tank morphed into replacing the macerator, replacing all waste piping, servicing through hulls, replacing potable water pipes, putting new faucets in the head sink, repositioning shower control faucets, new shower fittings and replacing the Y valve in such a way that the lever is no longer buried in a closet, but is on the actual face of the head wall.  All plumbing is properly screwed down to walls, doubled clamped where appropriate and looks neat and skookum!

Head piping
Neat and tidy!
Head remodelled
A 2″ x 4″ temporararily bracing the new faceplate with Y valve shaft protruding at bottom. Shower faucets are now behind the head














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