Month: March 2017

Mark’s First Blog Post

To anyone reading this blog, you may have read that I have joined Tony and Karin as a crewmember on Mayaluga from Puerto Vallarta to Tahiti. This is my first bluewater sailing adventure with hopefully many more to come. To think back just over a week ago to when we set sail, the knowledge I […]

Into day NINE on board Mayaluga

I (Tony)find it amazing that the days just seem to blend into one another on a long passage. Unless I go back and read the log-book entries it is all a hectic blur of watch-changes, meals, alterations to sail configurations, weather down-loads on the SSB radio, showers under very trying conditions etc etc. So far […]

Night Watch

Its 3 am, the boys are sleeping, we are almost 1,000 nm from the shores of North America and I am on the 2-6 am watch. Its dark, really dark. The sky is blanketed with clouds, hiding the stars and the moon. The moon has evaded us since we left Mexico 8 days ago. Ill […]

End of Week 1 – PV to Marqueses

Mayaluga and her crew has completed over 800 nm of our journey from Mexico to the Marqueses Islands so far, over 25% of the trip! Today we hit the trade winds at 15N, 117 44W. The passage has been pretty smooth sailing so far except for a few occasions of big swells, high winds, bumpy […]

Days 3 & 4 – PV to Marqueses

Mayaluga’s crew is settling in nicely to this long cruise. We are now into a good routine and managing to get adequate sleep. As of today (Monday, March 27, we have sailed 497 nm, an average of 124nm/day. This would put us in the Marqueses within about 24 days. We do, however, expect the trade […]

Day 2 – PV to Marqueses

The sailing was brisk and consistent on Day 2 with Mayaluga easily making at least 6 knots and more at times, with winds averaging about 15 knots, until mid morning on March 25, when the wind died and we had to start the engine. While Tony and Mark were sleeping, I (Karin)was so excited to […]