Month: September 2016

Unplanned stop in San Simeon Bay

We left Half Moon Bay on Saturday 24 September as planned.  Initially sailing was pleasant in about 15 knots from the NW and wehoisted all white sails and enjoyed a few hours of leisure clipping along at 5 – 6 knots. By mid afternoon the wheels started falling off, the wind started gusting to 30knots […]

Surfs up in San Simeon

We found California in San Simeon – hot weather and surf!  At least, this is what our image of California was.   Summer in northern/central California is usually cold, foggy and windy.  Now they tell me! San Simeon, about 160 nautical miles south of our last port, Half Moon Bay, is Hearst Country.  Yes, the Patty […]

Half Moon Bay and Other Mischief

  What a glorious spot!   We are enjoying clear skies, warm sunshine, sometimes very strong winds, but mostly just a zypher.  What more can cruisers ask for?  Well, maybe we can ask for less noise?  The incessant 5 second fog beacon at the entrance to the harbor toots even in this clear weather and […]

Onward to the south!

We moved from Sausalito past Alcatraz (billed as an “Inescapable Experience”) to “downtown” San Francisco on Saturday Sept 12 and anchored in 12 feet of water with a sandy bottom in the man-made mini-harbor known as Aquatic Park located about 3 blocks west of the famous Pier 39 tourist trap. All in all a pleasant […]

The anchor dragged – and other stuff!

When we re-anchored in 5 feet of water in Sausalito after returning from Ayala Cove on Angel Island for the Labour-Day weekend, it was almost like returning home again after a long week-end. The only difference was that we didn’t have to pack and unpack. We are like turtles – we take our “home” wherever […]

First 4 days in SF Bay

The first order of business in San Francisco Bay was to refuel the diesel tanks. We had just about exhausted our fuel supply running the engine almost 3 days straight in windless conditions prior to arriving at the Golden Gate Bridge. What a pleasant surprise to see that fuel was less than one dollar Canadian […]