Month: August 2014

Cleaning the bottom – the need for speed!

We are finally preparing for an initial shakedown cruise up into the northern gulf islands in September.  It will give us an opportunity to do some sailing in relatively open water in the Strait of Georgia and hopefully experience some decent wind and waves.  No doubt we will return with a new “to-do” list. We […]

Renovating spars

Justin Lamarche, my 21 year old grandson has been invaluable in helping us throughout this refit. Justin, an enthusiastic sailor since his early years earned a Silver Medal in the Canadian Nationals on 420’s during his teens. So, “lets paint the mast” I said a while back.  “Sure, no problem Papa, just hoist me up […]

New countertops made from linseeds!

Tony and I installed our first new countertop today – in the galley.  We hashed about a number of ideas on what material we should use and ultimately decided on Marmoleum. One of the considerations Tony and I have in making decisions about products we use on Arabella is their impact on the environment and […]