Month: September 2013

New chainplates inserted

Non-stick plugs had been inserted into the chain plate slots when the decks were constructed.  They were removed to reveal perfect entry points for the brand new 316L stainless steel chain plates duplicated from the originals by General Sheetmetal in Victoria.  I had flirted briefly with the idea of having the original chain plates tested […]

Ripping the deck up!

Don thoroughly tapped and marked hollow sounding spots on the deck and coachroof.  By the end of the day most of the deck had been removed.  What an interesting discovery!  The fiberglass had failed due to glass cloth being used instead of glass matt when the teak decks were removed. Two layers of cloth do […]

The BIG deck job

When we made Arabella ours, we were under no illusions as to the amount of work that was needed.  The survey confirmed what we had assessed for ourselves concerning the deck ….. it would have to be peeled off and all old coring would have to be removed.  A prior owner had removed the teak […]