Month: August 2013

Leaky Hatches

Boats are supposed to be wet and damp inside … NOT! Rain, or a deckwash resulted in dribbles and pools of water.  Yours truly (that’s me) is not exactly obsessive compulsive, but I do insist on a dry and comfortable warm boat.  In fact I will settle for nothing less, because Karin will settle for […]

Cockpit Varnished

Arabella has far more wood (teak) visible than most boats that are even built of the stuff.  Although a fibreglass vessel, brightwork abounds everywhere, and it all needs revitalization.  Way back, the exterior teak must have been varnished, but over the years it has been covered with Cetol without removing the residual patches of varnish. […]

Fix to throttle morse cable

First things first.  Must get that throttle cable fixed despite the other 101 things on the growing list. PROBLEM:  How does one work 10 inches down inside the binnacle shaft with access blocked by the steering shaft and chain?   ANSWER:  Carefully and with lots of patience.  Also, don’t forget to tie string to anything […]