Category: Documentary

Mazatlan Luxury!

For a migrant “yachtista”, Mazatlan, approached the right way, is absolute heaven! Mayaluga very rarely ever goes into a marina. Mazatlan is one of those exceptions brought about mostly because of horror stories we had heard about theft from sailboats at anchor. We bit the bullet and paid for 7 nights at the security-gated El […]

Plastic Garbage and the Ocean

We have been thinking very seriously about how we will be able to manage the waste we produce on our South Sea adventure.  What the heck do we so with our garbage?  Its not like the islands and atolls we visit have the capacity to deal with this imported waste.  Even here on the west […]

Playing with the GoPro!

We purchased a GoPro Hero3 a while back so that we could document our adventures.  We had a chance to play with it during our sailing trip this past week (more to come about that soon) and made some short clips.  Now to figure out how to post them here on our blog – they […]