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Phew! Work completed to date!!

Tony and Karin purchased Arabella (now renamed Mayaluga) in Seattle July 2013 without any illusions as to her condition.  We knew she was definitely a fixer-upper that needed a lot more than simple TLC.  We felt that her honest construction and good reviews as an offshore cruiser made it a worthwhile project.   Three prior owners […]

Phase I project list

Shortlist of Phase I projects that have been identified: Rewire Hobbs Meter – insertion of ignition key should not activate elapsed time, only running engine (complete) Replace raw water pump (complete) Re-engineer access to gearbox dipstick and filler (complete) Fix Morse throttle cable control in binnacle (complete) Remove redundant wiring (partially complete) Replace fire extinguishers/relabel (complete) Service all through-hull fittings (complete) […]

Shakedown Cruise

As August comes to a close, we are now frantically reassembling all essential stuff so that we can at least get away and be independent of shore for 10 days.  The lovely, shiny rebuilt engine is back “in the hole” rewired and replumbed.  The diesel purrs like a satisfied kitten!   Meticulous shaft alignment has […]

New countertops made from linseeds!

Tony and I installed our first new countertop today – in the galley.  We hashed about a number of ideas on what material we should use and ultimately decided on Marmoleum. One of the considerations Tony and I have in making decisions about products we use on Arabella is their impact on the environment and […]

New cushion makeover

We did flirt with the idea of just keeping the salon cushions as they were.  Old and tired, but not desperately in need of replacement.  “Old and tired just like me” said I, “but not due for replacement yet!” Once the varnishing started to shine through and we started imaging our new Marmoleum counter-top replacements, […]

Free Wheeling!

The time has come!  Tony has been so diligent with all of the work on Arabella, its time for me to step up to the plate.  I committed to strip our magnificent teak wheel – original piece on Arabella – and refinish it.  Its a rainy Sunday here in Victoria, BC, so what better time […]

Engine rebuild

Well, we are still busy with stripping interior wood!  It seems to be going on forever.  On the other hand, there have been some distractions that have prevented much time being spent aboard.  Setting up our new office has been one of those distractions!  Signage, telephones, website, computers and networking, furniture and moving. The apartment […]

Chart Table remodeled

so …….. this is what the “full sized” chart table looked like before we started. The problem was two-fold:  Firstly, the radar arm was bolted through the surface of the chart table.   Secondly, the VHF radio mounting bracket was screwed down onto the rear section of the chart table.  The net result was that […]

Interior Refurbishing Started!

Now that the plumbing is behind us, and the head compartment has been redone, we have finally started on fixing the non-structural stuff on the inside. The ceiling is 2″ x 1″ wood strips painted white.  Brushmarks were clearly visible where it had been recoated over the years.  Most of it has now been sanded smooth […]

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