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Bye USA, Victoria here we come!

It would be untrue to say we are up both bright and early.   The early part is true, but bright it is not.  The fog is so thick that we can’t even see 5 boat lengths.  We have to get back to work tomorrow, so there can be no dilly-dallying for us.  A couple […]

2nd day – Edmonds to Port Townsend

Today we basically motored and motor-sailed up to Port Towsend.  No wind, thick thick fog.  Saw a couple of grey whales and a few porpoise in the distance.  The tide (current) was against us all day.  We tried hailing Port Townsend Marina on ch 68 but we got no response.  I figured it was because […]

Arabella becomes ours!

We left our car at Hidden Harbour Marina where we had bought a slip.  What faith that the survey would be good eh!   Got a cab to the  Victoria Clipper and down to Seattle on July 19th to attend the out-of-water survey and do a sea-trial.     Well, a sort of sea-trial as there […]

Seattle search finds our little ship

In mid June 2013 we short-listed 3 boats in the Seattle area and made the trek down by car.  We imagined ourselves being happy with the first one we saw – a sturdy Benford 41.  We reasoned that we ought to check the other two out as well, so the next day we drove further […]

We start looking for a South Seas chariot

Our search for a suitable “South Seas Chariot” took several months and lots of fruitless walks to, and talks with, boat brokers.  Shawn at Vela Yacht Sales was as usual very helpful and supportive.  We sort of knew what we wanted (don’t we all?) and had some parameters written down. Good long keel and separate […]