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Water and mast steps……..check!

Our stay at Newcastle Island came to an end on a really high note.  Tony finished the Spectra 150 watermaker installation and we filled our tanks for the first time without a hose!  I don’t think that I have ever seen Tony so excited!  We can produce 6 gallons/hour through reverse osmosis without starting the […]

More green thoughts….

Tony and I continue to discuss and bash about ideas about how to minimize our impact on the environment.  Although we do now, and have for a long time, been conscious of our footprint on the earth, this south sea adventure planning has highlighted for us how small the world really is.  How everything is an […]

Sustainable Sailor

Reducing my own personal negative impact on our world is not a new thought for me – its something that I have been thinking about and acting on for many years.  What can I do to have an overall net positive effect – give more than I take? What can I do in my own […]