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Tony’s impressions – first leg

A full 3 years preparation has finally culminated in a departure!  Wow, the years of .intense anticipation seemed to fade into oblivion in the hectic final days count-down.  So much yet to do, and time is running out!  One of our cruising friends gave us good advice: Make a new list “TO-DO IN MEXICO”   We […]

San Fran and her Golden Gate!

Mayaluga and her crew arrived in San Francisco on Monday, August 29 after an almost 7 day trip down the coast from Victoria, BC.  After many days of being “missing in action”, our buddy boat Nightide and her crew Ian and Helen, were waiting for us just west of the bridge.  What a lovely surprise! […]

Race day with Mazu

Tony and I both really enjoy visiting Hornby Island, in particular Tribune Bay and the funky little Hornby town centre.  We departed Squirrel Cove early the morning of July 28 only to be pleasantly surprised to pass by Mazu, a Tayana 37 and also a Blue Water Cruising (BCA) boat, on our way out of the […]

Phew! Work completed to date!!

Tony and Karin purchased Arabella (now renamed Mayaluga) in Seattle July 2013 without any illusions as to her condition.  We knew she was definitely a fixer-upper that needed a lot more than simple TLC.  We felt that her honest construction and good reviews as an offshore cruiser made it a worthwhile project.   Three prior owners […]

Phase I project list

Shortlist of Phase I projects that have been identified: Rewire Hobbs Meter – insertion of ignition key should not activate elapsed time, only running engine (complete) Replace raw water pump (complete) Re-engineer access to gearbox dipstick and filler (complete) Fix Morse throttle cable control in binnacle (complete) Remove redundant wiring (partially complete) Replace fire extinguishers/relabel (complete) Service all through-hull fittings (complete) […]

Renovating spars

Justin Lamarche, my 21 year old grandson has been invaluable in helping us throughout this refit. Justin, an enthusiastic sailor since his early years earned a Silver Medal in the Canadian Nationals on 420’s during his teens. So, “lets paint the mast” I said a while back.  “Sure, no problem Papa, just hoist me up […]

New chainplates inserted

Non-stick plugs had been inserted into the chain plate slots when the decks were constructed.  They were removed to reveal perfect entry points for the brand new 316L stainless steel chain plates duplicated from the originals by General Sheetmetal in Victoria.  I had flirted briefly with the idea of having the original chain plates tested […]