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Mazatlan Luxury!

For a migrant “yachtista”, Mazatlan, approached the right way, is absolute heaven! Mayaluga very rarely ever goes into a marina. Mazatlan is one of those exceptions brought about mostly because of horror stories we had heard about theft from sailboats at anchor. We bit the bullet and paid for 7 nights at the security-gated El […]

Tony’s impressions – first leg

A full 3 years preparation has finally culminated in a departure!  Wow, the years of .intense anticipation seemed to fade into oblivion in the hectic final days count-down.  So much yet to do, and time is running out!  One of our cruising friends gave us good advice: Make a new list “TO-DO IN MEXICO”   We […]

Up, up and away!

Our stay at Squirrel Cove was delightful and productive.  The weather was perfect – hot and sunny – which made for some great swimming.  Tony had on his to do list to assemble and install the SSB (Single Side Band) radio antenna.  We worked together to complete the assembly in the morning and waited until […]

Whales and sails

We left Newcastle Island and enjoyed a lovely sail almost all the way to Pender Harbour.  Glorious!  Running the water maker, we filled our tanks.  The solar panels did their jobs with no intervention from us! Pender Harbour turned out to be a lovely anchorage containing many little coves, most of which were filled with […]

Mayaluga has new Skipper

Mayaluga enjoyed hosting some generous folks who supported one of the wonderful festivals we have here in Victoria, BC – Creatively United for the Planet.  Hilary and her husband Lawrence purchased the Silent Auction item that Tony and I donated – a 4 hour sail on Mayaluga with a locavore lunch and brought along two […]

More green thoughts….

Tony and I continue to discuss and bash about ideas about how to minimize our impact on the environment.  Although we do now, and have for a long time, been conscious of our footprint on the earth, this south sea adventure planning has highlighted for us how small the world really is.  How everything is an […]

Sustainable Sailor

Reducing my own personal negative impact on our world is not a new thought for me – its something that I have been thinking about and acting on for many years.  What can I do to have an overall net positive effect – give more than I take? What can I do in my own […]

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