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Phew! Work completed to date!!

Tony and Karin purchased Arabella (now renamed Mayaluga) in Seattle July 2013 without any illusions as to her condition.  We knew she was definitely a fixer-upper that needed a lot more than simple TLC.  We felt that her honest construction and good reviews as an offshore cruiser made it a worthwhile project.   Three prior owners […]

Phase I project list

Shortlist of Phase I projects that have been identified: Rewire Hobbs Meter – insertion of ignition key should not activate elapsed time, only running engine (complete) Replace raw water pump (complete) Re-engineer access to gearbox dipstick and filler (complete) Fix Morse throttle cable control in binnacle (complete) Remove redundant wiring (partially complete) Replace fire extinguishers/relabel (complete) Service all through-hull fittings (complete) […]

Shakedown Cruise

As August comes to a close, we are now frantically reassembling all essential stuff so that we can at least get away and be independent of shore for 10 days.  The lovely, shiny rebuilt engine is back “in the hole” rewired and replumbed.  The diesel purrs like a satisfied kitten!   Meticulous shaft alignment has […]

Engine rebuild

Well, we are still busy with stripping interior wood!  It seems to be going on forever.  On the other hand, there have been some distractions that have prevented much time being spent aboard.  Setting up our new office has been one of those distractions!  Signage, telephones, website, computers and networking, furniture and moving. The apartment […]

Fix to throttle morse cable

First things first.  Must get that throttle cable fixed despite the other 101 things on the growing list. PROBLEM:  How does one work 10 inches down inside the binnacle shaft with access blocked by the steering shaft and chain?   ANSWER:  Carefully and with lots of patience.  Also, don’t forget to tie string to anything […]

Bye USA, Victoria here we come!

It would be untrue to say we are up both bright and early.   The early part is true, but bright it is not.  The fog is so thick that we can’t even see 5 boat lengths.  We have to get back to work tomorrow, so there can be no dilly-dallying for us.  A couple […]