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Ready, willing and able!

My owners renamed me Mayaluga in 2016 (yet another interesting story!) when they committed to sail me to the South Pacific.  I was a lowly liveaboard for more years than I care to tell you.  In 2013 everything changed when Tony and Karin brought me to Victoria, BC and started outfitting me for their big […]

Stay in Tahiti and departure home!

Well, here we are, sitting in the Marina in Papeete, Tahiti, listing all the myriad things that need to be attended to on Mayaluga before we depart in days, weather window permitting. We had flirted with the idea of leaving Mayaluga in French Polynesia for 8 months and coming home, then spending another sailing season […]

Tahiti onward

we are enjoying the most incredible experiences in Tahiti and the Society Islands! Our friend Cliff from Ontario, and Richard from Victoria flew in to join us for two weeks in the islands.  We enjoyed spending a few days in Papeete, Tahiti, and then sailed the couple of hundred miles downwind to Huahine. Another amazing […]

Today is the day! Waiting for news!

Today is both a good day and a sad day.  It’s potentially a good day because we could get positive news from Tahiti that our engine head was repairable and will be shipped back to us.  It’s also a very  sad day because today is my young sister Lesley’s memorial service.  She passed away last […]

Waiting it out

There is one thing that we are developing while we wait for engine parts ….. PATIENCE!   Thank you Connie and Stefa for your timely words of encouragement.  We are getting somewhat immersed in the local cultural experience after being here for over 3 weeks.  Only 140 years ago human sacrifice was still practiced, and […]

Boobies Everywhere!

(click on any pic to enlarge) We slipped out of Mazatlan on Tuesday Jan 24, 2017, at 7:45am.  Somewhat reluctantly, I would add!   We had enjoyed such a fantastic almost two week stay in this well run luxury resort!  We had actually checked out the day prior, and the owner of El Cid Marina, […]

Mazatlan Luxury!

For a migrant “yachtista”, Mazatlan, approached the right way, is absolute heaven! Mayaluga very rarely ever goes into a marina. Mazatlan is one of those exceptions brought about mostly because of horror stories we had heard about theft from sailboats at anchor. We bit the bullet and paid for 7 nights at the security-gated El […]

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