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Update 5th night at sea

Wednesday, May 31, 2017, 1900hrs local time and all is well on board, but very uncomfortable. Short update only as we hang on at all times with an arm around something or other. Sleeping is almost impossible even braces into a tight spot because your body is literally being “flung” side to side. Today the […]

Night 3 at sea on Mayaluga

Local time here is 7:30pm Monday, May 29, 2017 and all is well on board. Karin is trying to get some rest before coming on watch at 2200hrs. I am sitting at the chart table using the little “ship’s computer” which is set up to control the frequencies on the SSB radio and work our […]

Back on the high-seas at last

We finally left Nuku Hiva at 1430hrs local time after broadcasting a BIG thank you to Kevin and his wife Annabella of Yacht Services Nuku Hiva on VHF. They have been outstanding support during this stressful time waiting for our engine to be revived. Patrick, the diesel expert who reassembled our Chrysler-Nissan got it running […]

Update from Nuku Hiva

Guess what?  The sun has been shining the last couple of days.  After 10 days of almost continual monsoons it is a welcome change and our spirits are soaring. It has been tough on the locals who have lost gardens and crops, and with it for many, their livelihood.  It has provided us with an […]

No good news from Nuku Hiva

The rain hasn’t stopped, the sun hasn’t been shining and we may be waiting another month or more before Mayaluga’s engine is functional. Tony and I were hoping to get to Tahiti well ahead of our guests who arrive on the 11th and 12th of June. Some alone time would be really nice. Now it […]

Nuku Hiva

Friday afternoon, April 21st, 2017, and its raining and squally today, very hot with saturated humidity in this somewhat exposed anchorage, Mayaluga rolling through an arc of 30 degrees, just uncomfortable enough to be annoying and exhausting. After arriving late afternoon the day before, we went ashore without clearing customs because the Gendarmerie was closed […]

Land sighted!!

Day 25 on the high seas of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Monday 17th April 2017, and we wish you all Happy Easter – Jesus is risen! Another celebration …. at 1530hrs this afternoon Tony sighted Ua-Huka, an outlying island in the Marquesas group. We are now 65 miles from our destination on this leg, Nuku […]

Graduation from Polywog status

We did it! We crossed the equator several hundred miles back at 0755Hrs on a bright sunny morning earlier this week. When we have an internet connection we will post pictures of King Neptune’s visit via his emmissiary, Prince Niptune. We took photos of the GPS rolling all zeros on the latitude line. Inconsequential maybe, […]

The natives are getting restless

It’s been three weeks today that our little ship set off from La Cruz Marina on our way to the Marqueses Islands et al. Tony, Karin and I all placed a bet on how many days it would take to get to our first destination. Tony wagered 26 days, Karin 24 and me, the eternal […]

Living the dream!

Living the Dream! Very few people have the privilege of experiencing what I am experiencing right now! My favourite watch …. 2am to 6am, I am rested, having slept soundly for 5 hours straight. The seas are benign. Anything less than 10 foot is now judged benign, and right now quite flat except for a […]

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