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Mayaluga now relectantly FOR SALE

1978-2018 HANS CHRISTIAN 38T “MAYALUGA” $189,500 CDN (Picture gallery at foot of post – click pics for high resolution) This outstanding vessel is truly offshore ready.  Many are advertised as “offshore ready”, but Mayaluga is truly offshore-turnkey.  Provision her, step aboard and go!  Rebuilt from the ground up, the recent professional survey states: ……. in […]

Homeward bound!

(Please click pics for high resolution view) Our last leg from Hawaii and home – only 3,000 nautical miles! We reluctantly say our goodbyes to warm weather and Waikiki Beach just a 10 minute stroll from our slip at the Hawaii Yacht Club, Ali-Wai Harbour, Oahu.                   […]

Day 11 – romping along to Hawaii

This is what ocean sailing is all about ……. an amazing day with incredible sailing! During the early hours of Saturday morning the seas flattened out, relatively speaking. When the sea is down to 10 foot we now are conditioned to think of it as “flat”. We have enjoyed sunny skies all day, a lovely […]

Equator crossed heading North

The equatorial crossing was an uneventful milestone. I was so tired that when we crossed at about 5:00am local, I slept right through it, having asked Karin NOT to wake me! We are both pretty exhausted. Seas are still rough and bumpy and everything is wet and salty. The cabin sole stays damp and slippery. […]

Cheese and Wine

Tonight we departed from the “norm” and dined on cheese and wine. A good portion of the day was spent cleaning and disinfecting the fridge and freezer after throwing away soooo much good food yesterday. We are not sure how long our cheese will last …. so we decided to quaff as much of it […]

Day 7 to Hawaii

We have often joked about our ship´s big brass bell hanging at the foot of the companionway. “Its time to reef when the bell rings all by itself” we say. Yesterday was the third time it has ever done that. The first two occasions were in a short steep chop in the Sea of Cortez, […]

Day 4 (Sat 15th) en-route to Hawaii

Day 4 is now underway on board our trusty little ship! We are 379 NM out of Papeete on the long lonely sea-road to Hawaii. All is well on board! Yesterday was one for our record book. Heavy weather sailing is tolerable downwind; close hauled upwind is an entirely different matter. The last 24 hours […]

Day 2 at sea bound for Hawaii

The few hectic days preparing to leave Papeete are now behind us. We interviewed 2 potential crew, but felt that neither was really what we were looking for, so we decided that as tiring as it may be, we would rather sail this leg alone. Karin did an amazing job as usual stocking every crook […]

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