Adventia B4 Dementia

Cabo St Lucas northwards

What a huge relief to leave Cabo San Lucas!  It was a horribly exposed and rolly anchorage. We sat out the 30 plus knots barreling down from the north and then made a break for it as soon as we could. We limped into San Jose (Puerto Los Cabos), about 20 miles NE of Cabo […]

Baja-Ha-Ha and more ha-ha’s

Anchored here in spectacular Bahia Los Frailes this Friday, November 18, 2016, I contemplate the hectic last two and a half weeks.  The many social activities associated with this tightly scheduled rally kept us busy and pretty much sleep deprived.  The start of the rally was a sight to behold!  A parade-past of all 183 […]

I like coffee….not tea.

It’s after dark, Mayaluga is anchored about 50 metres from the white beach of Cabo San Lucas, the vibrancy of the shore can be seen by the many lights, live music is playing – or is that karaoke that I hear… for a beach wedding. Could it get more perfect? YES! It couldn’t be less […]

Cabo… here we come!

It’s a very calm and warm evening 20 miles off the west coast of the Mexican Baja, about 130 miles north of Cabo San Lucas. What a treat to sail in warm winds! The more than half moon shines in the night sky. Winds are about 10 knots from the northwest and Mayaluga is chugging […]

The Baja Ha Ha begins!

We finally got our SSB Radio operational with some help from a very good technician, Shea, in San Diego, so I am able to post via email to our blog. Technology…..blows my mind! Its midnight on the last day of October 2016. Our position is 31 26 636 N, 117 14 660 W and we […]

San Diego

On Wed October 12 we left Dana Point at 0400hrs (4:00am) hoping to make it as far as Mission Bay just north of San Diego before sunset.  The weather was perfect, 20 knots from the north propelling us southward at 6 knots with all white sails flying full.  Our buddy-boat, Nightide was within visual all […]

Out on parole?

Whilst living ashore, 7 hours of sleep is quite sufficient for me.  After a particularly busy day, or maybe after a day outdoors with lots of fresh-air, 8 hours is preferable, sometimes even a bit more given exceptional circumstances.  It has been quite concerning however to note that this cruising lifestyle has changed sleep patterns […]

The Quest for Warmer Weather!

(Please click pics for full-size images) Decision made!  Tomorrow Mayaluga is going south, Nightide is going to Santa Barbara.  We chatted about the strategy with Ian and Helen on VHF channel 79 and also on the HF SSB radio on 4.146Mhz.  In broad terms we will meet up on Tuesday  11th at Dana Point. It […]

Bye Bye To Morro, To Morro

(Please click pics for full size images) Morro Bay has been a great refuge during a week of windy and very unsettled weather. After enjoying the town’s laid-back environment, spotty or no internet connections, but great hospitality and their annual festival, fireworks display which was as good as Victoria July 1st, we finally decided on […]

Morro Bay, CA

After a short sail from San Simeon, Nightide and Mayaluga arrived in Morro Bay on Tuesday, September 27th.   Located south of San Francisco and north of Los Angeles, the economy of Morro Bay is a combination of fishing fleet and tourism.  A PG&E plant, recognizable from miles away with its 3 tall stacks, stands idle […]

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